What is Scrawl Brawl?

“In war … let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.”
— Sun Tzu in The Art of War

Crazy Eyes and Scrambles by ArtofTy on DeviantArt.com

Scrawl Brawl encapsulates the spirit of brief and successful battle through 100-word “battle to the death” story writing.

The goal of Scrawl Brawl is to write a story from the perspective of a warrior based on a particular theme, which will be posted on the Brawls Page and will change as the The Despot deems fit.

Consider these attributes when writing your Scrawl Brawl story:

  1. Power – Physical prowess, resilience, endurance, speed, agility, dexterity, accuracy, reflexes, strength
  2. Intelligence – Knowledge, problem solving, tactics, skills, trickiness
  3. Legend status – Backstory, deeds, renown, reputation, heroics, fame, infamy
  4. Personality – Charisma, seduction, crowd pleasing, bravery, gallantry, witty retorts or one liners
  5. Setting – Description, detail, originality, use of surroundings
  6. Weaponry – Uniqueness, usage, skill with weapon, attack style, innovativeness, defensive use
  7. Language Use – Creativity, word choice, language density, conciseness, poetics
  8. Sensory Details— Smell, touch, taste, sound, color, you know, the stuff that gets your senses tingling
  9. Story– Originality, plot development, complexity, twist, surprise
  10. Character– Originality, complexity, internal struggle, change, depth, physical description,

Scrawl Brawl stories must be top-notch writing and immaculately proofread. One spelling smudge, grammar glitch, or punctuation pockmark may spell instant death for a Scrawl Brawler. The Despot knows no mercy.

To submit a story, click here.

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