Oily Sophistication by CountANDRA on DeviantArt.com

Walking infection Septic Nick shuffles toward his foe, raking greasy hair with jagged fingernails. Sagging jeans, once blue, now brown, drip sludge.

Belted across his filthy shirt, 100 steel double-bladed knives shine in a bandolier sheath. He grabs two daggers, smears the blades up his oozing legs. His filmy tongue darts out, licking cold steel. Blood coats the keen edge.

“You look like my stepdad,” he says. He smiles, exposing rotted nubs. “I hated my stepdad!”

Then he bolts, serpentine, chucking daggers, twisting boomerangs of death. Silver talons shred air and flesh. The target drops, seeping with 100 septic nicks.

  1. Ronk says:

    The Despot needs soothing & calmness…. Life is peaceful…. Change the topic, you are getting myopitic!

    Friend of reality…


    • The Despot, may the Gods bless him, has perfect vision as is written in our constitution. Three optometrists were flayed with toothpicks because they did not realize this.
      Grovel Sychophanti
      Minister of Information Dissemination


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