Jungle Juice by Pandora’s Key

Posted: September 20, 2015 by Shade's Progress in Gladiator, Pandora's Key
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Aztec by essenmitsosse on DeviantArt.com

Nick chugs jungle-juice while frat boys chant his name.

Nick blacks out. He wakes to a sight for damned eyes, bodies strewn across the floor of the rave room in twisted heaps.

“This is the arena!” cries a chieftain adorned in a necklace of shriveled penises. “You dare to face me next?”

Nick smirks. “It’s a good day to kill.”

The chieftain roars, charging at Nick.

Nick side-steps the chieftain, tripping him.

The chieftain spins with the momentum, grabs, and choke-slams Nick, cracking his skull.

Nick jolts awake, rave music playing.

Frat boy says, “Someone spiked your jungle juice, buddy.”

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