Look Both Ways Before Crossing! by Tom Lucas

Posted: October 20, 2015 by Shade's Progress in Slasher Film, Tom Lucas
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The Juggernaut, Armoured Truck by Mark-MrHiDE-Patten on DeviantArt.com

Comment: The Brothers Mutante only liked to do two things: murder and driving their truck. So they put their heads together, spent a month in the garage, and welded their asses off.

Result: A monster truck covered in spikes and blades and ragged hooks with a built-in wood chipper installed on the front bumper. To the sides, drainage pipes ran the length of the truck, with strategically placed holes from which the blood would flow.

What a site to behold as it plowed through pedestrians!

An endless, torrential shower of blood, guts, blood, gore, blood, brains, blood, bone, and blood!

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