Ticking Down by Jeanelle Nicole Driver

Posted: October 23, 2015 by Shade's Progress in Jeanelle Nicole Driver, Slasher Film
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Laugh in the Dark by PriestofTerror on DeviantArt.com

Molly knew this wasn’t a dream, but she prayed for someone to wake her up.

Blood dripped from the rusted table and pooled on the floor.

Blood … Jack’s Blood.

An innocent prank turned deadly, and she was next.

Closing her eyes did nothing. The echoes of Jack’s screams still rang in her mind.

This was all too cliché to be real.

But it was.

“You’re next, my dear,” he said. “I have something special planned for you.”

His manic laughter filled the room.

Molly struggled.

Too late.

Her blood mixed with Jack’s, and the maniac hummed his favorite tune.

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