Crack Shot by Jeanelle Nicole Driver

Posted: November 9, 2015 by Shade's Progress in Femme Fatale, Jeanelle Nicole Driver
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gun by ashleykband

“I’m trusting you not to miss,” he said.

He placed the dapper, felt fedora on his head and smiled nervously.

She pulled the hammer back and giggled.

“Don’t be silly, Sam,” she said. “I never miss.

“Whatever you say, Darling,” he said. “This’ll mean big bucks if you get it right.”

She sighted down the barrel and waved away his concerns with a delicate hand.

A shot rang out, and blood seeped from the wound ruining his perfectly starched shirt.

“You missed…”

“I told you I never miss.” she said. “We’re under new management!”

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