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Madness by Katy-Angel on

He wouldn’t control her any longer. She’d had enough.
Yes, she was beautiful and deadly, but that didn’t mean she was someone’s toy.
His head lolled to the side in a drunken stupor.
The hiss of the blade sliding from its sheath didn’t rouse him.
Her face fell until she spied the tumbler on the table.
With a crash she threw it to the floor. He jumped up with a curse.
“How dare you disturb me!” he said.
She cackled with abandon.
“I only wanted you on your feet.”
Her blade ran red with blood.
“I make the rules now.”

The Black Widow by seekfelicity on

She tattooed the glass rim with ruby lipstick.

“Madam enjoys the wine?” asked Jules.

“Lovely,” she purred.

“We have a massive cellar. 1000 bottles.”

“Could I see?”

Jules looked about. The café was empty.

“Follow me.”

In the dank cellar, Jules pulled a dusty bottle. “This cabernet is most rare.”

“Hard to find,” she said.

“Yes, it was.”

“No, I mean you, Jules.” She pointed a derringer.



“How? I killed you.”

“My surgeon is top notch.” The bottle shattered. Blood and cabernet spread across his white jacket. She tossed his corpse a business card. “Give him a call.”

Otakon COLOR Warrior Woman by JocelynAda on

She looked at her fists that hung by her sides. They were shaking, dripping, hot. Her eyes pierced the sky as she looked up and walked forward, leaving the desert behind. The heat blew grains of sand. Behind her lay a heap of grown-men with childish eyes and broken smirks.

She wiped her hands on her jeans, leaving streaks of red, and flicked a little flesh into the air, watching it land beside a lizard, which snaked into the cactus landscape. It was hot like Hell. She loved it, and she had plenty more skulls to crack.

Girl with a gun by Sidxartxa on

She twirled the pearl handled revolver and wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Well, we’ll call it a day,” she said. She turned on her heel, but a moan from her mark stopped her.

He crawled towards her with blood blooming across his chest.

“I won’t lie down for you!” he gasped.

She flashed an acidic smile. “Isn’t that sweet?” The barrel spun. “Your sun has set, Cowboy.”

She blew him a kiss and pulled the trigger.

Blood spurted from his mouth and he slumped to the ground.

She blew smoke from the barrel and walked away with a smile.

Bluegreen by Candra on

The body of a goddess and the mind of a brain surgeon. Her hair stopped at the small of her back and depending on her mood could be any colour under the rainbow.

Her arms were long and sleek as were her legs. But her tail was what got her the attention. The hypnotic sway, the way it wrapped around her. It could direct you, ensnare you, distract you and even tease you.

She knew how to manipulate it in such a seductive way that you may never even notice the long thin nail as it slides into your artery.