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Redneck Champion by paulorocker on

The sounds of whipping and torn flesh snapped in the dry air. The sun beat down upon the ranch, making a furnace of the countryside.

Bubba slapped a fly on his arm, smearing its entrails. He sniffed and licked his hand. “Mah turn,” Bubba grunted.

Bubba took the whip from Andy and went at it. A trail of red ran down the tree stump. Wind began to howl.

Lisa stepped out from the farm house. “Ya’ll whippin’ ‘melons agayn?”

Thunder rolled in the distance. Lightning flashed.

Lisa whistled, “Ya’ll sher whipped up a storm this taam!”

Bubba spat. “Darn tootin’.”

Collision Course by madfox43 on

I sigh.
Francine pops out of a waste disposal unit with a freaky alien mask.
I choke.
“Did I?” she asks.
“No,” I say.
Francine tells me a joke, a good one. I feel thirsty.
“What’s with you, Jack?”
“I must actually be dying of boredom.”
She smirks. “So even dying’s boring?”
“It might be the only exciting thing left.”
“I’ll cheer you up!”
Rolling my eyes, “Please, don’t try.”
She smiles. “Let’s—”
Our hands touch.
Boom! The sound of roaring metal!
I watch another ship tear into ours. It’s about to obliterate my face!
The hull looks dull.

Forgotten by Eemeling on

I step out of my ship.
“Hello? I’m the new roommate!”

Echo in the abandoned space station.

I find a note: (Make yourself at home! —Dan
P.S. Lights are buggy)


I explore; I end up staring at a red-paint-streaked wall. Interesting décor.

Scampering behind me! 
I follow the sound. Coast clear.
Pounding down the hall!
I walk backwards, heart beating.
Lights flicker and cut out.
Stomach sinks.

Lights come on. Before me is a 10 foot creature, “Reeeaaaarrgghh!”
I run.
 A dead end!

The creature clears his throat.
“Nice to meat you! I’m Dan.”

Aztec by essenmitsosse on

Nick chugs jungle-juice while frat boys chant his name.

Nick blacks out. He wakes to a sight for damned eyes, bodies strewn across the floor of the rave room in twisted heaps.

“This is the arena!” cries a chieftain adorned in a necklace of shriveled penises. “You dare to face me next?”

Nick smirks. “It’s a good day to kill.”

The chieftain roars, charging at Nick.

Nick side-steps the chieftain, tripping him.

The chieftain spins with the momentum, grabs, and choke-slams Nick, cracking his skull.

Nick jolts awake, rave music playing.

Frat boy says, “Someone spiked your jungle juice, buddy.”

Rip your heart out by drazebot on

Super Sam leaps out of a helicopter from 1000 feet up. He smashes through the colosseum roof and is violently planted into the sandy floor, upending sand.

Damon spits sand out of his mouth. “So you came?”

“Had to make an entrance,” says Super Sam.

Damon readies himself, standing knees bent, heels raised. “Let’s do this!”

Super Sam slides between Damon’s legs and plows a fist into Damon’s diamond balls. “Are those wrecking balls?”

Damon drives a hand into Super Sam’s sternum ripping out his golden heart.

“My heart?” Super Sam goes limp.

“Had to make an entrance,” Damon declares.

Boss Battle by stevegoad on

A cold arena. Every breath loosed mushroom clouds of moisture.

Nuclear energy coursed through Max’s veins.

“I’ll grind you into the dirt so hard, herbalists will try to use you as medicine!” Arthur bellowed, limping, dodging lightning.

Max nodded, cracking his knuckles.

“Your mom’s vacuum will be your body bag when I’m finished!” Arthur jeered.

Max dodged lightning and limped forward. In a high-pitched voice, “I’ll tear you a new one so wide, the event horizon will destroy your entire lineage!”

Benjamin, shooting lightning from both hands, felled the competitors and blew on his fingers. “Couldn’t walk the walk.”