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lion food syndrome by missveryvery on

“I want you to have this.  It was my father’s.  It’ll bring you luck.”  Samson placed the silver cross in the frightened man’s hand.

“Is this why you’re here?” asked the man.

Men removed bloody bodies that lay beyond the gates, and servers refilled wine glasses.  His mother wore the same perfume as the ladies in the crowd.

The gates went up.  The lions came out first.

“It’ll be over soon,” he said. The afternoon sun cast a shadow on Samson’s face as he took a last look at his world.

Hammers and War by AngryPest on

Gesticules loved the arena. Today’s contest had been particularly enjoyable. He had taken his massive hammer and swung it with abandon, allowing it to freely crush his opponents. What fun.

Before him were the hundred hapless corpses of all those who had thought that they might be his better. They were, as always, wrong. And the reward for their mistaken thinking? The tears of those that they once loved.

Gesticules walked to the center of the arena to soak in the roaring cheers of the crowd.

“No man can defeat me,” he announced.

“Release the tigers,” said the Arena Master.

Rip your heart out by drazebot on

Super Sam leaps out of a helicopter from 1000 feet up. He smashes through the colosseum roof and is violently planted into the sandy floor, upending sand.

Damon spits sand out of his mouth. “So you came?”

“Had to make an entrance,” says Super Sam.

Damon readies himself, standing knees bent, heels raised. “Let’s do this!”

Super Sam slides between Damon’s legs and plows a fist into Damon’s diamond balls. “Are those wrecking balls?”

Damon drives a hand into Super Sam’s sternum ripping out his golden heart.

“My heart?” Super Sam goes limp.

“Had to make an entrance,” Damon declares.

Hunted by Mythocraft on

This was a game! They lied!

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

He wasn’t falling for that again. There was so much blood. His heart pounded in his chest and his side ached. He could smell the salt water. It was so close he could taste it. He could make it. He had to. The beach was safe. It was the only certainty left.

Weight crushed his back and claws dug into his shoulders. “I’ve got you!”

He was so close …

A triumphant laugh echoed in the darkness. “Pitiful fools, will they ever learn?”

Boss Battle by stevegoad on

A cold arena. Every breath loosed mushroom clouds of moisture.

Nuclear energy coursed through Max’s veins.

“I’ll grind you into the dirt so hard, herbalists will try to use you as medicine!” Arthur bellowed, limping, dodging lightning.

Max nodded, cracking his knuckles.

“Your mom’s vacuum will be your body bag when I’m finished!” Arthur jeered.

Max dodged lightning and limped forward. In a high-pitched voice, “I’ll tear you a new one so wide, the event horizon will destroy your entire lineage!”

Benjamin, shooting lightning from both hands, felled the competitors and blew on his fingers. “Couldn’t walk the walk.”

Gladiator by Tim Vigil Colored by artmunki on

Barnabas tosses another arm through the cage. The tigers tear each other for the morsel. “Makes them hungry for slaughter,” his master says.

Above, the horns sound. Barnabas cranks. The cage rises. Trapdoors open. The audience roars. The cage lowers.

While cats and warriors dismember each other, Barnabas squats, writing in the dust. He’d been a magistrate’s scribe before his townspeople were enslaved. Now he fed cats, an ignoble fate.

Horns sound. The master hands Barnabas a bloody gladius. “Your chance for glory, slave.”

“But I’m no fighter,” says Barnabas.

“You are now,” says master, pushing him in the cage.

Donkey Kong by Ry-Spirit on

My senses came to me as I pulled my mud caked head up, a mixture of blood and ground-in dirt. The crowd’s cheering rang in my ears and through my head as the Earth’s surface vibrated beneath me, causing the ground to tremble. This is it, I thought to myself. This is how I will die and forever be remembered.

With a final breath, I squinted up toward the sky to see a looming shadow creep in and block the sun. Beating his chest and baring his teeth, Donkey Kong crunched my skull beneath his foot. Crack!

Orc vs Elf by Unn89 on


Babolu lunged forward with his axe.

Kamkara loosed arrow after arrow.

Babolu deftly swung his axe around, blocking and splitting arrows. He dodged arrows as they tore through the air, whistling as they worked.

One arrow gorged upon Babolu’s leg; blood billowed.

Kamkara prepped another arrow, but it disappeared. Kamkara picked up a sword, and danced toward Babolu.

One hungry swing from Babolu chewed itself into Kamkara’s shoulder.

The axe disappeared.

Kamkara dunked the sword into Babolu’s gut.

The sword disappeared.

A minute later, two dismembered bodies rolled on the arena floor.

The heads collided and disappeared.


Oily Sophistication by CountANDRA on

Walking infection Septic Nick shuffles toward his foe, raking greasy hair with jagged fingernails. Sagging jeans, once blue, now brown, drip sludge.

Belted across his filthy shirt, 100 steel double-bladed knives shine in a bandolier sheath. He grabs two daggers, smears the blades up his oozing legs. His filmy tongue darts out, licking cold steel. Blood coats the keen edge.

“You look like my stepdad,” he says. He smiles, exposing rotted nubs. “I hated my stepdad!”

Then he bolts, serpentine, chucking daggers, twisting boomerangs of death. Silver talons shred air and flesh. The target drops, seeping with 100 septic nicks.

Blood and Sand by RobotDelEspacio at

Blood dripped into the sand and the crowd roared.
The man across from him was twice his size and just as lethal.
“I will not surrender! Today I earn my freedom!”
Hammer connected with flesh and he crumpled to the ground.
The weight of his shield was too much to bear.
He dropped the shield and struggled to his feet.
He was a slave, but he wouldn’t die like a dog.
Breath fled his body, but his hands were quick.
Blood coated his hands to the hilt of his knife.
His opponent fell, and he was free!