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Ambushed by Kamikazuh on

“This leather is stifling and stinks of sweat,” complained Arlen as he marched.
“Be glad for it,” grumbled his commander, Fagen. “It will save your life one day.”
Suddenly, a volley of arrows arced over the berm and rained down upon the road.
Fagen was taken in the neck, his dying words an unintelligible gurgle.
Twice, arrows bounced off the thick boiled hide that covered Arlen’s chest.
A third, however, pierced his unprotected skull.
Later, as Arlen lay dead, an enemy archer prepared to claim his armor.
“Leave it, Kern,” grumbled Kund, his commander. “Find a helm.”

Orc vs Elf by Unn89 on


Babolu lunged forward with his axe.

Kamkara loosed arrow after arrow.

Babolu deftly swung his axe around, blocking and splitting arrows. He dodged arrows as they tore through the air, whistling as they worked.

One arrow gorged upon Babolu’s leg; blood billowed.

Kamkara prepped another arrow, but it disappeared. Kamkara picked up a sword, and danced toward Babolu.

One hungry swing from Babolu chewed itself into Kamkara’s shoulder.

The axe disappeared.

Kamkara dunked the sword into Babolu’s gut.

The sword disappeared.

A minute later, two dismembered bodies rolled on the arena floor.

The heads collided and disappeared.