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Samurai commission by Brolo on

If you slash a man’s face, urinate on it, and trample it with straw sandals, the skin will come off.

These samurai treat us like dogs, kick us and beat us because we’re common. “My Master” is drunk on sake and snoring like a bear. I creep into his room and stab and stab …

and …

and …

something sharp pierces my back. I look down: a katana protrudes from my belly. I fall. I see now, on his futon, an empty pile of blankets. “My Lord” raises his bloodied blade. I chuckle. The irony! I die like a samurai.

Thuggie death dealer by John McCambridge on

“Can you see them?” asked Tuna.

“Yeah. Four guys, with curved daggers,” said Mark.

“How the hell did they get those on board?”

“Doesn’t matter. We have to get past them. The asteroids damaged the reactor; those terrorist bastards don’t realize that we’re all going to die if the engines go critical.”

Tuna’s whiskers twitched. He pulled the heaviest wrench from his toolbox and placed a furry paw on his friend’s shoulder. “Go. I’ll hold them back..”

“Tuna …”


Mark bolted down the corridor. The terrorists turned, knives drawn, and charged.

Tuna pounced, wrench swinging, ready to die.