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ZOMBIE by Metalinvasor on

The knob jiggled; Katie positioned herself near the door. There was a second of silence before it flew open in an explosion of splinters. Katie swung her bat, but the intruder ripped it out of her hands, and smashed her skull with one nauseating crack.

I buried my axe into his neck before he could turn around. He dropped beside her, bleeding out onto the floor.

Another man entered. We quickly assessed each other.

He held out his hand. I grabbed my supplies before accepting it, and followed him out.

And that’s how I met your father.

Enraged by TheBoyofCheese on

Marva ran her rough thumb down the axe blade, blood droplets bulging on the pad. She sucked it clean, then stomped outside, her breath billowing in the brisk air.

Tom stood beside the barn, watching a pig wallow, oblivious. Creeping up, Marva grabbed his scrawny neck with farm-strong hands. He squawked. She slammed him across a stump and swung her axe. His skinny legs jerked. Blood spurted sprinkler-like from his neck. His severed head shot to the ground. One eye stared at Marva, saying betrayal.

“Big thanks, Tom,” said Marva. “Whole family’s coming for Thanksgiving. Couldn’t feed them without you.”

Jesse by Seancarroll on

Bubba checked the smoker. Perfect coals.

“I’ll get the rump roast,” said Jesse. In the truck bed, three gagged Boy Scouts struggled against their bindings. The two skinny ones froze. The fat one inched away. Jesse grabbed his ankles. He flopped like a trout as Jesse dragged him to the bloody stump.

Jesse raised his axe. A ripping sound. Brown soaked through the boy’s shorts. “Damn.” Jesse lowered his axe. “Rump roast’s done spoiled!”

The boy looked up, hopeful.

“How ‘bout ribs?” Bubba hollered.

The boy’s muffled scream silenced with a CHOP! and that meat just fell off the bone.

Orc vs Elf by Unn89 on


Babolu lunged forward with his axe.

Kamkara loosed arrow after arrow.

Babolu deftly swung his axe around, blocking and splitting arrows. He dodged arrows as they tore through the air, whistling as they worked.

One arrow gorged upon Babolu’s leg; blood billowed.

Kamkara prepped another arrow, but it disappeared. Kamkara picked up a sword, and danced toward Babolu.

One hungry swing from Babolu chewed itself into Kamkara’s shoulder.

The axe disappeared.

Kamkara dunked the sword into Babolu’s gut.

The sword disappeared.

A minute later, two dismembered bodies rolled on the arena floor.

The heads collided and disappeared.