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Bartender by Fatal-Noogie on

“My brother? Dead?” Phil hung up, gnashed his teeth. “Fuuuuck!” He flung the cell at the mirror. It spider webbed. “Sydney’s dead meat!” He grabbed his Ruger, sped to Mario’s.

He burst through the bar’s back door. “Mario! He killed Benji!”

Mario wiped the bar. “I know.”

“We gotta destroy Sydney!”

“I gotta job to do.” Mario placed glasses under the bar.

“Fuck that! Come on.”

“Sydney’s our boss.”

“Sydney’s fucked!”

Mario lifted his shotgun.


“Sorry, Phil.” Mario pumped the shotgun. Cha-chunk.

“But he killed Benji.”

The blast tore through Phil’s chest. “Told ya. I gotta job to do.”