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The Deadly Pitch by Victoria-Von-Blood on

Johnny straddled the plate and bit his tongue.

“Swing!” Micah yelled.


The disembodied head flew across the makeshift field, bloody hair and skull fragments trailing in its wake. Streamers and confetti.

“It’s out of the park!” Micah collided with his brother. They tussled joyfully in dirt and blood and brains.

“That’s my boy.” Morris tossed a bald, lopsided head into the air.

Johnny brushed himself off, squaring his shoulders and beaming, a fleck of thigh caught in his shaggy mop.

“Now throw me a curve ball, Dad!”

Morris chuckled, planting his feet on the oblong mound.

“Sure thing, kid.”

Day 30 by vanishing446 on

“I coulda been a big leaguer.” Bobby swung his bat, enjoying the rush of air it created.

“Get outta here,” Louie said. He finished tying the informant to the chair.

“No, really. I was all set.”

“So what happened?”

“Leg got busted.”

The snitch squealed and squirmed. A dark stain spread across his pants.

“But even with this leg, I can outswing Ruth.”

“You gonna hit a homer?”

“I always hit a homer.” Bobby pointed to the other end of the warehouse, just like Ruth calling his shot. He swung and the snitch’s head snapped.

“Foul ball,” Louie said.