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Vengeance by Lithium-Tears on

She took the knife, sharp and polished, from her garter. Her eyes glistened in the candlelight, and her hair blew in the breeze from under the door. He slept in his large bed, his snore damp and loud. She smiled. The weapon clenched above her head in her fists came down. His snoring perished. His final grunt. His limp body stiffened under her blade. The Princess looked down at the man who raised her, the man who broke her, and the man who quenched her thirst for vengeance.

Otakon COLOR Warrior Woman by JocelynAda on

She looked at her fists that hung by her sides. They were shaking, dripping, hot. Her eyes pierced the sky as she looked up and walked forward, leaving the desert behind. The heat blew grains of sand. Behind her lay a heap of grown-men with childish eyes and broken smirks.

She wiped her hands on her jeans, leaving streaks of red, and flicked a little flesh into the air, watching it land beside a lizard, which snaked into the cactus landscape. It was hot like Hell. She loved it, and she had plenty more skulls to crack.

Bloody Day by BloodyZone on

She woke.
It was so dark that she felt she hadn’t opened her eyes. She stumbled to her feet and lost her balance, landing in a heap again. The ground, hard and cold, felt wet to the touch. She tried to look at her hand in front of her face but could see nothing. The silence choked her and circled her like a pitch black shadow of a hyena. She could smell rusted metal, bitter and wretched, and felt the wetness drying a little on her fingertips.
A sound, like a sword pulled from its sheath. True silence.