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Monster by Disse86 on

I hate artificial gravity. Blood tastes best in zero-g. I love watching the wet globs twirl in the air; I love slurping the hot crimson beads as they float by. The thought of it makes my stomachs growl.

I can smell them now. They reek of sweat, and I wonder if they have showers on this freighter. They come into view, three pink fleshy dinners, and without warning my son leaps past me.

I curse his foolishness. He’s undisciplined. Still, my heart swells with parental pride as he slashes them open. Wasted blood paints the decks; I hate artificial gravity.

Alien by patryk-garrett on

Thud. Click. Thud. Click. Thud.

Time is a snapshot as the emergency lights flash.

Red. Black. Red. Black.

Blood pools on the floor, a shadow creeping along the walls, slick and dangerous.

She’d slipped in it earlier. Ensign Cade had grunted when she landed on him. The sound escaped from the gaping maw that had been his throat.

A creeping shadow gnawed at the edges of the smiling wound. Laughing.

Thud. Click. Thud. Click. Thud.

Her blood pounds in her ears, contained, and behind her the beast follows.

A shadow passes the mouth of the corridor.

Thud. Click. Thud.