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High Movility Infantry by Shabazik on

“One way out,” she said. I know now that she meant death. I thought she had meant this gauntlet.

I leap into an alcove. Flashes and bullets. I dive, sliding to the next door. I stand, decide not to wait, push off the wall, run.

Finally, I’m huddled beneath the window. Ten feet more and then freedom.

I take a breath, hold it, skitter across the floor and a bullet slams into my thigh. A laser burns my neck. I drop and exhale. Another bullet hits my knee. A laser blast burns the truth into my gut; she was right.

Whip by louten on

Her whip snapped against his back. “Did you really think I would’ve let you leave with my most prized possession?”

The old man fell on all fours. “Not willingly. The poison—,” he said as he reached for the necklace.

Her whip lashed out, grabbing it before the old man could take it.

She walked closer, “You mean this.“ She held a half-filled vial.

“How?” he said.

“A girl has her ways,” she smiled.

The old man followed her gaze, where a young man bled on the floor.

“Now,” she said as she raised her whip, “Say bye-bye.”

.sniper wolf by ml-11mk on

Menendez’s head vaporized in a pink puff.

Just like the movies, thought Trio, shouldering her .300 Winchester Magnum. She crossed the Parque Central Tower roof, grabbed the zipline handles, and launched off the ledge.

Ten yards from Banco Mercantil, the line pinged like a guitar string. Her peripherals caught the shooter, two roofs over, ducking out. The cartel wrapping up loose ends.

Then she was plummeting, glass windows flashing by – fortieth floor, thirtieth, twentieth.

Trio contemplated a death-defying acrobatic feat, crashing through mirrored glass in slow motion, landing ninja-style. Alas, this was no movie. She painted the sidewalk red.

With gun loaded by fantasmica on

She spun the barrel. “Who’s up for a game of Russian Roulette?”

The men before her cowered. Their hope for pleasure evaporating.

“You wouldn’t dare!” the man in red said.

“Oh wouldn’t I?” she purred.

The man shook his head. “I meant something fun, Sweetheart.”

“I know what you meant,” she said. “This is fun!”

The man in red tried to run. “You’re crazy!” he said. “I’m out!”

“What a pity.”

He dropped to the ground clutching his chest.

“Russian Roulette?” the man in blue asked.

“I lied,” she said. “You’re next!”

Gun Girl II by DanielaUhlig on

I checked my makeup in the hall mirror. A girl’s gotta look good, right?
I raised my gun. Months of work came down to this moment.
Two distinct snores came from the bedroom. That slime ball. He knew he was being hunted but still thought of pleasure over purpose.
No matter, what was one more mark?
Revenge was mine.
I slammed the door against the wall.
“Who’s there?”
Two heads popped up in the darkened room.
“Payback, my dear!”
Two shots rang out.
They didn’t even have time to scream.


Dance of Death by LuxDani on

With razor talons, Demonica caresses her latest lover’s scalp. She overwhelms her mate with mantid reflexes, surgically precise. Like Salome dancing the Seven Veils, she bewitches and butchers, twirling under, around, over her partner, seductive fingers slicing parallel love lines on exposed skin, back, neck, shoulders, thighs. Her partner reaches to grasp her, to crush her seduction, but brutes make clumsy lovers. Her thumb hook, needle fine, snags the nipple. She pirouettes. Her adversary unpeels like a ripe apple, fleshy strips spinning off like streamers, a confetti twirl of scarlet. She loves her lovers fully exposed. Bliss.




Knife Kiss by GLeitzke on

The dance hall was buzzing. I led the brutes to Maddy, and she took care of the rest.

“She’s the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.”

Our current mark laughed.

“Man, she’s way outta your league!”

“You have no idea,” I said.

He pushed past me and brought his fingers to his lips.

I grabbed his shoulders. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“You’re no fun,” he said and whistled.

My lady rushed over, crimson hair streaming. He was dead before he even felt the knife.

“They never listen, do they?”


Old lady by Doctor-Frog on

The doorbell rang. Betsy shuffled to the door. As she opened it, rank smoke billowed inward. On her doorstep, a paper bag burned.

“Oh dear.” She stomped on it. The bag burst, smearing her Dr. Scholl’s in dog poo.

Laughter erupted from behind some bushes.

“Darned neighborhood boys,” said Betsy, wiping her shoes with a tea towel.

The next day, the doorbell rang. Betsy shuffled to the door and opened it. An open pit had replaced the doormat. She peered down the hole. Two boys wailed as spears penetrated their intestines.

“Respect your elders, bitches!” said Betsy, closing the trapdoor.


gun by ashleykband

“I’m trusting you not to miss,” he said.

He placed the dapper, felt fedora on his head and smiled nervously.

She pulled the hammer back and giggled.

“Don’t be silly, Sam,” she said. “I never miss.

“Whatever you say, Darling,” he said. “This’ll mean big bucks if you get it right.”

She sighted down the barrel and waved away his concerns with a delicate hand.

A shot rang out, and blood seeped from the wound ruining his perfectly starched shirt.

“You missed…”

“I told you I never miss.” she said. “We’re under new management!”

Madness by Katy-Angel on

He wouldn’t control her any longer. She’d had enough.
Yes, she was beautiful and deadly, but that didn’t mean she was someone’s toy.
His head lolled to the side in a drunken stupor.
The hiss of the blade sliding from its sheath didn’t rouse him.
Her face fell until she spied the tumbler on the table.
With a crash she threw it to the floor. He jumped up with a curse.
“How dare you disturb me!” he said.
She cackled with abandon.
“I only wanted you on your feet.”
Her blade ran red with blood.
“I make the rules now.”