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.sniper wolf by ml-11mk on

Menendez’s head vaporized in a pink puff.

Just like the movies, thought Trio, shouldering her .300 Winchester Magnum. She crossed the Parque Central Tower roof, grabbed the zipline handles, and launched off the ledge.

Ten yards from Banco Mercantil, the line pinged like a guitar string. Her peripherals caught the shooter, two roofs over, ducking out. The cartel wrapping up loose ends.

Then she was plummeting, glass windows flashing by – fortieth floor, thirtieth, twentieth.

Trio contemplated a death-defying acrobatic feat, crashing through mirrored glass in slow motion, landing ninja-style. Alas, this was no movie. She painted the sidewalk red.

With gun loaded by fantasmica on

She spun the barrel. “Who’s up for a game of Russian Roulette?”

The men before her cowered. Their hope for pleasure evaporating.

“You wouldn’t dare!” the man in red said.

“Oh wouldn’t I?” she purred.

The man shook his head. “I meant something fun, Sweetheart.”

“I know what you meant,” she said. “This is fun!”

The man in red tried to run. “You’re crazy!” he said. “I’m out!”

“What a pity.”

He dropped to the ground clutching his chest.

“Russian Roulette?” the man in blue asked.

“I lied,” she said. “You’re next!”

Gun Girl II by DanielaUhlig on

I checked my makeup in the hall mirror. A girl’s gotta look good, right?
I raised my gun. Months of work came down to this moment.
Two distinct snores came from the bedroom. That slime ball. He knew he was being hunted but still thought of pleasure over purpose.
No matter, what was one more mark?
Revenge was mine.
I slammed the door against the wall.
“Who’s there?”
Two heads popped up in the darkened room.
“Payback, my dear!”
Two shots rang out.
They didn’t even have time to scream.


Girl with a gun by Sidxartxa on

She twirled the pearl handled revolver and wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Well, we’ll call it a day,” she said. She turned on her heel, but a moan from her mark stopped her.

He crawled towards her with blood blooming across his chest.

“I won’t lie down for you!” he gasped.

She flashed an acidic smile. “Isn’t that sweet?” The barrel spun. “Your sun has set, Cowboy.”

She blew him a kiss and pulled the trigger.

Blood spurted from his mouth and he slumped to the ground.

She blew smoke from the barrel and walked away with a smile.

SIG226 and Redhead by -knave- on

“You cheating piece of shit!” The gorgeous newly arrived redhead dropped the vintage “Ace of Spades” bottle of champagne on the floor with a crash.

“I was just about done,” the blond said, climbing up from the cigar-smoking bearskin rug she straddled. She stood up and grabbed a gun from under the pillow, but the redhead was faster. A bullet rang from her own gun, piercing the blond through the forehead.

“Hey!” the guy sat up and pushed the blonde’s limp body to the floor. “What’ya do that for? I wasn’t finished!”

“Why you mad? It was my dame!”

Boy by hypnothalamus on

I had a lotta nerve … and a pistol.

“You’ve gotta lotta nerve, kid!” His name was Bull Nunzio. He’s a ‘was,’ not an ‘is.’ I stole two rolls of salami from the mob diner he ran. Bait and catch. Just wanted Nunzio under the night sky.

“You gotta lotta salami,” I said, dropping the meat. I was across the alley, vanishing over a wooden fence, by the time he lifted his Colt. The gangster didn’t move—stoic. Following a silent pirouette, I scoped out Nunzio through a hole in the fence. Bang. Made.

See, told you he’s a ‘was.’

Shoot it Out by Deus-Nocte on

Lenny reclined on the dingy motel duvet.

Kurtz stood, Glock in hand. “I wanna return this.”


“Don’t shoot right.”

“Maybe you’re a shit shot. This ain’t Walmart.”

Kurtz tossed the gun on the bed.

“It’s been used.” Lenny grabbed it, sniffed the barrel. “Recently. Ain’t taking it.”

Kurtz scowled. “Does boss know about this little side business?” Lenny’s eyes narrowed. “Maybe I tell him when I return.”

Lenny looked down the sight. “You say it don’t shoot right?”

“That’s right.”

Lenny fingered the trigger, raised it, put a bullet in Kurtz’s head. “I have a strict no return policy.”