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Crab Skull by Big-Rex on

“Cement shoes? How cliché,” said Stefan. “How about some creativity?”

“Yo, Chico!” said Gil. “Mr. Interior Decorator here says we ain’t creative.”

Chuckling, Chico loosened Stefan’s bindings.

“Your creativity gotcha in this mess. Boss asked for Romanesque motif. You gave him Seashore Motif.”

“It fit the pool design better!”

“Boss don’t like crabs. Dump him, Chico.” Chico tipped the dolly. Stephan fell, cement boots first, in the seawater. He sank four feet.

“Haaa, idiots. You dumped me in shallows.”

“That’s the creative part,” said Gil.

Stefan looked down. Huge crabs scuttled beneath. “You wouldn’t.”

“Seashore Motif works better for you.”

Hammer by torchfiremedia

Billy nervously grips the hammer.

The woman in red-sequined skirt, fake smiling and waving, skates off to applause.

Announcements and music echo over the rink. A blue-sequined woman steps onto the ice.

Red Sequins glances at Marvin, nods. Marvin whispers, “Take her out,” giving Billy a shove.

Billy lunges, hammer held high. Slick ice gives no traction. He sprawls, releasing the hammer. It flips, descends, hammer claw embedding in his skull.

Blue Sequins, seeing blood splatter freezing around Billy’s head, falls on her rump.

Red Sequins smacks her forehead. Marvin ducks out.

Lesson: Don’t hire thugs from Craigslist.