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Rockin Roll Hot Rod by Britt8m on

“Ya let that geezer get away, dipshit,” screamed Skwerl.

“Shut yer spithole,” hissed Dingo, cranking the hotrod’s wheel hard left. “Crippled old men ain’t worth the damage. We want the big score.”

“Like what?”

“Teen male. 500 points. For the win!”

“This here’s a retirement community, dipshit.”

Dingo white-knuckled the wheel. “Yer pushing it, Skwerl.”

“Where you gonna find a teen, dipshit?”

Teeth gnashing, Dingo fastened his seatbelt, then pointed ahead. “There.”


Dingo clipped a parked junker. Skwerl flew through the windshield.

Bloody and broken, Skwerl flipped over. “Why, Dingo?”

“For the win, dipshit!” shouted Dingo, rolling over his head.