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Explosive Action by Andezigi on Deviant Art

“Navigator!  Wake the fuck up!”

“Huh? Oh.  Turn left at the Piggly Wiggly; there’s a diner two block down that makes great pie.”

Poor Ivan. He got my depressed migraine-addled ass as a navigator.  Only my sarcasm remains intact.  I feel his eyes on me; he’s incredulous.

A 1969 Mustang on steroids enters his peripheral, and he squeezes some kind of lever. I hear an explosion, but we continue, unhindered, through thick, black smoke.

“That was awesome,”  I offer, feeling a twinge of excitement.

He tries to hold back a smile.  So do I.  There’s still hope for a win.

fell down the stairs? by ImSHOE on

Look at these people, these happy people … so beautiful, yet so drunk.

The first went down outside the ladies room, my blade smooth along her halter-top’s tan line. So young, she cut like butter.

I left the next looking like a fall, so good to hear the snap of her neck, and the thump of her head on each stair.

The third was older, but quick. She saw my blade; in one glance her eyes revealed a lifetime of anger and frustration. I felt the snap of my wrist, pain in my eye, then a warm trickle, down my cheek.