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The scythe of L’Ankou by Boredman on

Sarah had seen everyone else decapitated, immolated, or violated until they were yanked inside out and twitching in the shadows of the poplars.

Her Camp Blackburn t-shirt was sweat through, giving her a chill.

The stars were bullets bending in space.

She grabbed the hedge-clippers from the rusty shed and waited.

Her hiking boots would run no more.

The killer lurched forward.

Sarah began to hyperventilate.

The killer whipped the scythe in the air.

The round blade flopped towards the boathouse.

Sarah’s shears snipped again.

His wet wrist-bones were jabbing her flesh, as she kept cutting him down to size.

Ship Battle by 88grzes on

Shipwreck. Barbados. Rudder splintered o’er the shoals. Keel cracked n’ bleedin’ water.

Royal Navy’s colors close behind.

No matter.

Me cutlass be out, carvin’ the scuttling crew.

Nick, ye mutinying bastard. I’ll be in gaol so long as you’ll be in hell.

The screaming turns ye.

“Avast, Thom, you bilge-rat” says ye, drawing steel.

Grape-shots burst the deck around us. This confusion of sky and sea and bone.

Your blade is a butt-end, which ye drop o’erboard.

I jump smoking gaps between planks. Ye swing a belaying pin, which I lop your hand off for.

Next goes your head.