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Bluegreen by Candra on

The body of a goddess and the mind of a brain surgeon. Her hair stopped at the small of her back and depending on her mood could be any colour under the rainbow.

Her arms were long and sleek as were her legs. But her tail was what got her the attention. The hypnotic sway, the way it wrapped around her. It could direct you, ensnare you, distract you and even tease you.

She knew how to manipulate it in such a seductive way that you may never even notice the long thin nail as it slides into your artery.

Taken. Held. In a room fit for no one. The grime on the walls told me all I needed to know.

Hanging by AllyneAllyne on

It was now time to find my inner demon. My inner maniac. My inner killer.

The shelf above me had a rusty pair of scissors, some rope, and a broken chair leg. I grabbed. I tied.

Weapon made. Blood boiling. Sweat dripping. I grabbed and yanked at the old metal door and stared at the face of my captor as it swung from a bloodied chain. Someone else was here, and I now wondered if they knew about me.

Hunter by neisbeis on

Cold and dark. Winter hunts were always fun, but this time we struggled to find prey.

Hunting season, December through March. New tools for skinning and dissection lined our bodies as we stalked the streets.

Watching through the window as the victims sat unaware, strategy forming in my head. Then I saw Greg enter the room, a broken bottle sharpened in his hand. He sunk it into the back of the girl, and then slit the throat of the man.

That bastard Greg had got the first kill, and my chance was now lost. Oh well, there’s always next year.