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SIG226 and Redhead by -knave- on

“You cheating piece of shit!” The gorgeous newly arrived redhead dropped the vintage “Ace of Spades” bottle of champagne on the floor with a crash.

“I was just about done,” the blond said, climbing up from the cigar-smoking bearskin rug she straddled. She stood up and grabbed a gun from under the pillow, but the redhead was faster. A bullet rang from her own gun, piercing the blond through the forehead.

“Hey!” the guy sat up and pushed the blonde’s limp body to the floor. “What’ya do that for? I wasn’t finished!”

“Why you mad? It was my dame!”

Crab Skull by Big-Rex on

“Cement shoes? How cliché,” said Stefan. “How about some creativity?”

“Yo, Chico!” said Gil. “Mr. Interior Decorator here says we ain’t creative.”

Chuckling, Chico loosened Stefan’s bindings.

“Your creativity gotcha in this mess. Boss asked for Romanesque motif. You gave him Seashore Motif.”

“It fit the pool design better!”

“Boss don’t like crabs. Dump him, Chico.” Chico tipped the dolly. Stephan fell, cement boots first, in the seawater. He sank four feet.

“Haaa, idiots. You dumped me in shallows.”

“That’s the creative part,” said Gil.

Stefan looked down. Huge crabs scuttled beneath. “You wouldn’t.”

“Seashore Motif works better for you.”

Hammer by torchfiremedia

Billy nervously grips the hammer.

The woman in red-sequined skirt, fake smiling and waving, skates off to applause.

Announcements and music echo over the rink. A blue-sequined woman steps onto the ice.

Red Sequins glances at Marvin, nods. Marvin whispers, “Take her out,” giving Billy a shove.

Billy lunges, hammer held high. Slick ice gives no traction. He sprawls, releasing the hammer. It flips, descends, hammer claw embedding in his skull.

Blue Sequins, seeing blood splatter freezing around Billy’s head, falls on her rump.

Red Sequins smacks her forehead. Marvin ducks out.

Lesson: Don’t hire thugs from Craigslist.

Boy by hypnothalamus on

I had a lotta nerve … and a pistol.

“You’ve gotta lotta nerve, kid!” His name was Bull Nunzio. He’s a ‘was,’ not an ‘is.’ I stole two rolls of salami from the mob diner he ran. Bait and catch. Just wanted Nunzio under the night sky.

“You gotta lotta salami,” I said, dropping the meat. I was across the alley, vanishing over a wooden fence, by the time he lifted his Colt. The gangster didn’t move—stoic. Following a silent pirouette, I scoped out Nunzio through a hole in the fence. Bang. Made.

See, told you he’s a ‘was.’

Bloody hands by KarenKong on

The knife slipped between the silver-haired viper’s ribs as though her skin were soft butter.

“Giani,” she gasped as the blade sank deep, “you traitorous bastard.”

“I learned from the best,” he whispered against her ear. “At least you gave me that.”

“They’ll eat you alive.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, mother. That’s where you’ve always been wrong.”

Cecilia spat blood as the blade, inserted so carefully, was ripped maliciously from her breast, her son’s weight lifting from the bed.

Eyes glazing, she cried, “Anton—”

“Was a better father than you were ever a mother,” Giani snarled. “Give him my best.”

Thumb Head by Manuscule on

Everybody knew you didn’t mess with Carlton. Yeah, not really a tough-guy name. His mom was a big Fresh Prince fan, but didn’t want to name him Will. Too presumptuous. But anyone who did that stupid dance ended up with a broken clavicle, which he did with his thumb. Brutal. Then, there’s this kid, about nine, goes right up to Carlton and says, “Hey, why’d you break my uncle’s clavicle? He wasn’t dancing. He’s got Tourette’s. It was a spasm!” Kid books it, y’know? Why would he stick around? Carlton stroked his chin and thought, “What’s a clavicle?” and shrugged.

Day 30 by vanishing446 on

“I coulda been a big leaguer.” Bobby swung his bat, enjoying the rush of air it created.

“Get outta here,” Louie said. He finished tying the informant to the chair.

“No, really. I was all set.”

“So what happened?”

“Leg got busted.”

The snitch squealed and squirmed. A dark stain spread across his pants.

“But even with this leg, I can outswing Ruth.”

“You gonna hit a homer?”

“I always hit a homer.” Bobby pointed to the other end of the warehouse, just like Ruth calling his shot. He swung and the snitch’s head snapped.

“Foul ball,” Louie said.

Cute but Evil by Skissored on

“One, two, three, shots to the head,” Cecilia said.

“Four, five, six, now you’re dead.” Anton replied.

“Seven, eight, nine, you’ll be fine.” She smiled.

“Until I knife you while you dine.” He finished.

Cecilia smirked, draping a slender leg over the edge of the dock.

“You’re sick,” Anton said, laughing. He smeared blood across his pants.

She shrugged. “Maybe, but I’m not the one disposing of my father’s body.”

Anton grinned. “Angelo always wanted to be buried in the lake.”

“I think he meant after his heart stopped beating,” she said as Angelo’s last exhale surfaced with a burble.

Scary girl in the ring by Lycra21 on

“I’m a reasonable man, Giorgi. If you can’t pay your taxes anymore, I’m sure we can come to some other arrangement.”

“W-wait! I just need a little more time, that’s all.”

Cecilia covered a giggle as, through the door crack, she watched greasy old Giorgi squirm.

“Naughty little princess.” The girl spun to face the wiry Sicilian who’d crept up behind her. “It’s impolite to eavesdrop.”

With a flash of teeth, Cecilia slipped into the safety of her father’s richly furnished office. “Better stop sneaking up on me, Uncle Angelo, or someday I’ll make sure you can’t sneak at all.”

Shellmon with knife by Shellmon on

Eddie tested his binds. Tight. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Bobby the Boar dropped the blade on the table next to him. It delivered an impressive ka-thunk. He took off his wife-beater, revealing his hirsute, barrel chest.

“Here we are. You, me, and my buddy.”

“You mean the knife?

“Yah. My Mark I trench knife. It’s almost seven inches long with a cast bronze handle. It has a triangular blade and a guard designed to protect the knuckles. It was designed by …”

Eddie nodded off. Bobby slapped him awake.

“Oh, it’s Bobby the BORE. Now I get it.”

In it went.