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Drown by Bern-Z on Deviant Art

The pirate skiff circles Sardinio’s raft. His village razed, the scared, skinny clam diver’s son struggles asea.

Spear aloft, Captain smiles gold. “Little minnow, unarmed like your father. We’ll filet you, too.”

Sardinio licks salt from chapped lips. Grabbing stone anchor, he plunges into kelp forest.

“After him!” Captain bellows, diving.

They gulp air, dive deep, pursuing bubbles. Spears jab shadows.

Bubbles escape coral cave.

Sea stalkers enter darkness like morays seeking lobster supper.

Deep rumbling. The cave mouth crumbles, drowning watery screams inside.

Sea surface breaks. Sardinio gasps. Lies back, floating.

His father gave him his weapon — strong lungs.