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Redneck Champion by paulorocker on

The sounds of whipping and torn flesh snapped in the dry air. The sun beat down upon the ranch, making a furnace of the countryside.

Bubba slapped a fly on his arm, smearing its entrails. He sniffed and licked his hand. “Mah turn,” Bubba grunted.

Bubba took the whip from Andy and went at it. A trail of red ran down the tree stump. Wind began to howl.

Lisa stepped out from the farm house. “Ya’ll whippin’ ‘melons agayn?”

Thunder rolled in the distance. Lightning flashed.

Lisa whistled, “Ya’ll sher whipped up a storm this taam!”

Bubba spat. “Darn tootin’.”

Whip by louten on

Her whip snapped against his back. “Did you really think I would’ve let you leave with my most prized possession?”

The old man fell on all fours. “Not willingly. The poison—,” he said as he reached for the necklace.

Her whip lashed out, grabbing it before the old man could take it.

She walked closer, “You mean this.“ She held a half-filled vial.

“How?” he said.

“A girl has her ways,” she smiled.

The old man followed her gaze, where a young man bled on the floor.

“Now,” she said as she raised her whip, “Say bye-bye.”